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Credit: Black Rogue

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[FAN] Oppa….. T_T I am so nervous T______T

I won the lottery for the Youngdeungpo fansign T_________T

I’ll run to you after school……. I love you T______T Euaaaah eauiehaiuhea

[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^

You’re really coming to see us??

I want to see you too~~ keke

What about tomorrow?

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Hello everyone~? I am EXO-M’s Xiumin!

Because of all the fan’s love and support, we will continue to work hard promoting.

I hope everyone would give us even more care in the future, ke ke ke 

Today we’ve arrived at Lay’s hometown, Changsha~

Tomorrow we will be recording “Happy camp”

Also it’s because we’re eager to meet with fans from Changsha!! Hahaha ^^

Ah right! I’m really thankful to all the fans who came to send us off at Beijing and also everyone who came to welcome us at Changsha’s airport!

“Little bun” Xiumin!! I’ll treat everyone’s support and care as an encouragement and will work hard on recording the programme

EXO will become a group that does their best and works hard to develop themselves.

We are one!! Thank you!!


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