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The question was on his high school questionnaire. 

“School: If we could hold a special event for one day what would it be?

Baekhyun: An entire day of sleep”

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His birthday is on April 12th! Two More Days! 

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Exo description by a fan

admin: I saw this on allkpop, and I thought I’d share it because it describes them perfectly.


Kai: super charismatic on stage, but a shy cutie :) Gets embarrassed easily.
SeHun: cutie maknae. Very hyper with his hyungs but another shy cutie who cannot do aegyo in public (for now)
Su Ho: Leader leader. Organized but shy. Nice, sweet, and caring about his donsaengs. he has THE sweetest shy smile :)
Baekhyun: awkward boy, yet one of the funniest of the bunch. Caring, always smiling, cutie. yummier than real bacon.
D.O. : shy D.O. who says that he need to tone down his electrifying eyes. lol. true dat. D.O. eyeballs are no joke.
Chanyeol: … 12 year old on crack. With a voice he stole from someone else.


Tao: he got nicknamed killer Maknae but he’s such a fragile baby. Always dazed and lost :( I worry about him. But his hyungs are there :)
Chen: … Chen doesn’t talk much.
XiuMin: Older brother with the most pinchable cheeks ever.
Lu Han: *.* too dazzling. Very friendly, very composed. I don’t see him doing kkap or anything like that. he’s just… very pretty :) Veeeeerrrry easy on the eyes. Like a pretty Deer ;)
Lay: Shy boy who apparently talks a lot when you get to know him. caring about his members. (he was going to offer Kris his chair cause he thought Kris gave his to Leeteuk)
Kris: Godly man sent from heaven. KRISUS. mysterious, composed, charismatic. Don’t smile to often and is a really “cool” guy. interpret that in any way you want to. perfection. AND he’s Canadian and speaks english. *heavenly singing.EXO FIGHTING! :)”

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  • D.O “thank you for listening to our musics through itunes. I love you.”
  • KAI “let’s listen to our music with exo~♪”
  • SUHO “itunes!!! be happy listening exo’s music!”
  • CHAN YEOL “itunes being together with exo~!”
  • SE HUN “please love our music~~~”
  • BACK HYUN “please listen our musics on itunes too~ >_<”
  • KRIS: “[In English…] We are ONE. Thank you for supporting MaMa! I love you ♥ [In Chinese…] I love you all, you’re are the best!!! [In English…] Be Happy Always”
  • LU HAN: “Hope everyone will give us a chance/look at us, please support us! I love you guys  ♥ ”
  • XIU MIN: “[Forget Korean and Chinese, he used English!] iTunes Update!! EXO-M XIUMIN ♥”
  • CHEN: [This cutie wrote in Korean so I have no idea OTL]
  • TAO: “It is because we have you guys, have your love and support, that we are here today. I love you all.”
  • LAY: “Wishing everyone happiness every day!”

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 how cute ^^ kind you find the hidden “exo k”?

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